What 2018 has brought us | News | JIOrings

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What 2018 has brought us | News | JIOrings

What 2018 has brought us

Sharing the year’s summary with you is becoming a great habit. We love to tell of the most important milestones from the last 12 months, share the great moments and all those actions that have a positive effect on you, the customers.

Quality as a synonym of trust

This year, we have continued working hard to certify the materials of our seals by independent entities and laboratories. Achieving the international approvals proving that the compounds of our seals comply with all health, portability and safety standards required by the international markets is vital.

The customer, the centre of our on-line activity

The website is one of our best tools to communicate with you. All up-to-date information about O-Rings, product catalogues, technical documentation, tables of standard measurements, approvals… In short, all information required to make a purchasing decision is on www.jiorings.com.

With just one click, on our on-line store you will find one of the largest stocks of seals. Save time and money by purchasing on-line from among over 32 million seals, available in a real-time updated stock, it is our way of making it easy for you.

Likewise, due to the high volume of individual queries, this year, we have decided to open our store to all demands from people who need O-ring seals for their repairs, hobbies, crafts… We can only add that we are very happy with the welcome it is receiving.

Committed to the environment

We are aware that natural resources are limited, whereas, unfortunately, our capacity to accumulate waste is increasing. This is why recycling has become one of our priorities. This year, we have launched comprehensive recycling, through which we manage all waste generated (cardboard, paper, plastic…) in accordance with the DIN 66399 standard and with a guaranteed Security Level 3.

Adapted to the new legal frameworks

The new European personal data protection regulation, also known as GDPR, entered into force on 25 May. As a company, we have adapted to the new obligations to establish a more protective framework over your rights, adopting a conscious and proactive attitude when processing this data.

Expanding our stock

When we say that we have one of the largest stocks of O-ring seals in mainland Spain, it is not a “bilbaínada”. With over 30 million O-ring seals, it would be difficult for us to not be able to offer what you are looking for. This year, we have also expanded the stock of O-Rings in FPM75 (Viton®) Black and O-Rings EPDM70 Peroxide Black for drinking water. The latter, a highly successful compound due to its approvals, makes it the ideal choice for sectors as demanding as those in medicine, food, chemicals, oils and for coming into contact with drinking water. Another highlight is the important investment we have made in original material of cord-ring spools (Perbunan®, Viton®, Xiametre®, Keltan®, Neoprene®).

We wave goodbye to this year, proud of everything we will be able to offer you in 2019: over 30,000,000 o-rings, 1,000,000 quad-rings, 225,000 back-up rings (BUR), 200,000 V-rings (now also VL type), 70,000 Metal-Buna, 40,000 seals, 40,000 clamps, 25,000 scrapers, 6,000 Gamma seals (or axial seals), 1,650 spools of O-ring cord… Take a look at our stock and prices, and place your orders.

Our brilliant side

We are a company committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the environment and the well-being of our employees. We continue to collaborate with “Born to Learn”, an NGO that works to offer a quality education to children in Moshi, Tanzania.

This year, we have taken great steps together with Amaya Álvarez in helping to disseminate and normalise Tourette’s Syndrome. We have made an important donation to the Blue Project, whose mission is to obtain an assistance dog to help their children with Tourette’s Syndrome. We have also donated 100 copies of her book “Un viaje diferente a los demás” to be distributed among educational centres in the Basque Country. With this donation, we want to help Amaya to disseminate Tourette’s Syndrome, another step towards normalising this illness.

During these 12 months, we have carried out different loyalty actions for both those at home and for customers. The centre of all our actions and attention is you, but without the daily work of all JIOrings employees, we would not be the fastest way of finding a seal.

From race to race

This year, the runners are those who have set the pace. Although the tide of the JIOrings Cycling Team keeps on pedalling, the ladies and gents of the JIOrings Running Team are setting the podium very high. Their participation in the Bizkaia Kopa Trail has been memorable, achieving 6th place in the teams’ Short Trail and 2nd place in the Long Trail. A special mention must go to Bego Uriarte, who has led this popular league of mountain sports from beginning to end.

Our best wishes for 2019

We say goodbye, as is to be expected, wishing the best for the coming year. In 2019, JIOrings celebrates 15 years being the quickest way of finding a seal, and we will be delighted to celebrate this with you. It will be a very special year.