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Cord-Ring, the perfect solution when the standard method doesn´t work

The Cord-Ring is a perfect alternative to substitute O-Rings in maintenance operations when required sizes are not standard. It is a round profile which two ends are bonded together with Loctite or warm-vulcanized.

Due to a special finishing, corrective and quality control process, Cord-Ring can also be used in environments featuring a complete vacuum.

We at JIOrings have developed a new production system in partnership with a well-known established manufacturer of rubber articles. This association was created in order to manufacture seals of limitless sizes, in minimum amounts, with no tooling costs and all at a competitive price. You can customize your seals by inscribing a text with a maximum of 40 characters.

The reliability of our system has been widely proven due to the tests conducted, the most noteworthy of which is tensile strength. We have also tested the breakdown of tensile strength and the part of the O-ring in which the vulcanized part is joined in the mould, the same as the value obtained in the other part of the O-ring.

All the information about our Cord-Ring you require is set forth below. If, on the other hand, you wish to purchase, you also have the option of visiting our online store, or failing that, requesting an estimate.

Cord-Ring, product details

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Hilo Tórico NBR70 Negro PerbunanBlack NBR
70Sh-20 to +100
Hilo Tórico FPM70 Verde VitonGreen FPM
70SH-20 to +200
Hilo Tórico FPM75 Negro FDA VitonBlack FPM FDA
75Sh-20 to +200
Hilo Tórico VMQ60 Translucida FDA XiametreTranslucent VMQ FDA
60SH-50 to +180
Hilo Tórico VMQ70 Roja FDA XiametreRed VMQ
70Sh-50 to +180
Hilo Tórico VMQ70 Roja FDA XiametreRed VMQ FDA
70Sh-50 to +180
Hilo Tórico EPDM70 Negro FDA KeltanBlack EPDM FDA
70Sh-60 to +180
Hilo Tórico EPDM70 Negro FDA KeltanBlack EPDM
70Sh-60 to +180
Hilo Tórico EPDM70 Blanco FDA KeltanWhite EPDM FDA
70Sh-60 to +180
Hilo tórico CR70 Negro NeopreneBlack CR
70Sh-30 to +120

Cord-ring, stock and output

Check the table of cord-rings spools (Black FPM75, Green FPM70, Red VMQ70, Translucent VMQ60, Black NBR70, Black EPDM70, Black FDA EPDM70, Black CR70) available in stock or on output schedule.

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