At JIOrings’, one of our main goals is to keep offering more products as well as increasing our quality levels. To answer the demanding requirements of the market, we must be able to offer certified compounds.

For that, we work with independent laboratories that enable us to approve some of our compounds under our own brand and we also provide approvals obtained by our suppliers. We currently have nearly 1,000 available compounds, most of which are compliant to international standards such as REACh and RoHS. We are obviously unable to list all of them so that we invite you to find out the most remarkable.

The approvals stated in blue are the ones obtained by JIOrings in certified laboratories.
EN549 EN682 ACS CLP 3A EN681 KTW UBA KIWA NSF61 WRAS W270 W534 FDA 1935/2004 BfR NSF USP UL