1 – General conditions

1.1 – This form is confidential and is exclusively intended for JIOrings S.L. clients’ inner management.

1.2 – The signature/acceptance of this form does not imply that the costumer must make a purchase to JIOrings S.L.

1.3 – If any purchase, however, the client will be committed to respect the selling conditions stipulated by JIOrings, S.L. as the following points refers to:

2 – Price general rates

2.1 – Price rates are target price and are subjected to modifications. JIOrings, S.L. reserves the right to change the price rates and discounts applied to the purchaser at any time.

2.2 – Prices of the general rate do not include the VAT. Consequently, this tax will be added to the bill, according to the conditions stipulated by the Law.

2.3 – The prices and content of the orders received at JIOrings, S.L. will be confirmed to the client by means of the so-called document “Order confirmation”. The terms of this order confirmation will be considered correct and accepted by the client unless we receive any written notification explaining the changes we are about to do.

3 – Packing

3.1 – Except specific conditions agreed beforehand between the parties, JIOrings, S.L. will take responsibility for packing costs and shipping arrangements.

4 – Invoicing

4.1 – 5,00€ will be the minimum amount per line, no matter which conditions or discounts the purchaser has.

4.2 – Payment conditions and method will be established by common consent between JIOrings, S.L. and the purchaser. The only means of payments will be in CASH, having the purchaser to make the very first purchase in cash.

4.3 – In 7th July 2010, the Law 15/2010, which established the new measures against morosity in commercial transactions, came into effect, modifying the former Law from 29th December. According to the Law, the maximal period for companies to pay invoices to their creditors is 60 days, since the goods or the provision of the service have been delivered, regardless of the addressee’s product verification process. Besides, and as a novelty, the norm bans the existence of contractual agreements between the parties whose aim is not other but to prolong the payment periods established by the Law.

The abovementioned Law states that the payment periods comprise all calendar days of the year, and all agreements excluding vacation periods will be invalid. Under no circumstance it will be allowed to exceed the established period; consequently, if there is any established payment date, the expiry date will be adjusted backwards.

On the other hand, among all the legal novelties which have introduced changes in our operating system, we can find the obligation of invoicing within a period no greater than 15 days. Thus, it is possible to gather those invoices from different deliveries made in a maximal period of 15 days in just one sole invoice. In that case, the starting date of the payment period would be the mid-invoiced period.

These measures will be progressively adjusted according to the following calendar:

– Since the moment this Law comes into effect until 31st December 2011, 85 days.

– Between the 1st January 2012 and 31st December 2012, 75 days.

– From the 1st January 20143, 60 days.

Consequently, in order to adapt our commercial transactions to the new Law, the new payment obligations contracted by the company will be paid within a maximum period of 85 days, with an invoicing period no greater than 15 days. These changes will come into effect from 1st January 2011.

After a 7-day-period, the account will be blocked due to outstanding charges. If there is a third blockade, credit days will be reduced in periods of 30 days.

4.4 – The invoice will be digital and invoices will be automatically sent in PDF format to the address provided for accounting issues. In case another invoice format is desired, it should be notified to our Accounting Department.

5 – Freight and reimbursements

5.1 – The general rates of JIOrings, S.L. do not include shipping fees. JIOrings, S.L. will automatically send carriage-paid packages for any transport agency and the expenses shall be assessed in the delivery note.

5.2 – Any reimbursement is subjected to JIOring, S.L.’s acceptance conditions.

5.2.1 – JIOrings, S.L. will not accept any reimbursement without purchaser’s prior notice. Consequently, JIOrings, S.L. will reject the package and the purchaser will pay all shipping fees.

5.2.2 – Unless specific circumstances occur, JIOrings, S.L. will not accept reimbursements after 30 days after the date stated in the delivery note, considering this period of time reasonable for checking the suitability of the order.

5.2.3 – Should JIOrings, S.L. accept a reimbursement (although no error was committed by the company) all shipping fees will be paid by the purchaser. However, if JIOrings, S.L. should accept, without meaning to, a reimbursement, it will be shipped freight collect by the shipping service it chooses.

Note: with the aim of avoiding any doubt or conflict between both parties, JIOrings, S.L. begs the purchaser to send the official order by post, fax or e-mail. In case of placing the order by telephone, whichever error occurs will be assumed by the purchaser.

6 – Insurance

6.1 – With the aim of avoiding any conflict and in order to accelerate the payments, JIOrings, S.L. hired a credit policy and a contingency policy to an insurance company. If they payment is not done in 30 days, JIOrings S.L. will report it to the insurance company.

7 – Confidentiality

7.1 – JIOrings, S.L. undertakes to keep total confidentiality on purchaser’s data and to restrict its use for inner purposes.

7.2 – By the same token, JIOrings, S.L. also considers that the purchaser has to undertake to use the data provided by JIOrings, S.L. (commercial and financial documents, inner management documents…) for its own use and, consequently, it will not disclose them improperly to third parties. In case of privacy or confidentiality violation, JIOrings, S.L. would appeal against the purchaser by legal means.

7.3 – According to the 15/1999 Organic Law, on Personal Data Protection, the signatory allows JIOrings, S.L. to process personal data provided in this form. These data will be included in the so-called CLIENTS file under JIOrings, S.L.’s responsibility, with the aim of carrying out marketing, commercial and administrative management.

The client may exercise the right to access, cancel, rectify and oppose sending an email to the following address:

JIOrings S.L.

Polígono Erletxe,

Plataforma H, Edificio 2, Nº 5

48960 Galdakao (Bizkaia)