O-Rings, the simplest, most versatile and cheapest seal on the market

The O-Ring is the most simple and versatile seal as well as the cheapest one in the market. Its shape has permitted the O-Ring to become the top seal in lots of industrial fields such as fittings, car industry, hydraulics, pumps, tubings…

The widespread use of O-Rings has enabled us to develop large-scale production processes with a consequent drop in manufacturing costs. The O-Ring´s circular symmetrical section means it can be used in both single or double effect applications with any type of fluids due to its elastomeric composition.

The radial or axial clamping method gives it a sealing property which, added to the pressure of the system itself, creates a sealing force which increases with the aforementioned pressure. In other words, in conditions of pressure the O-Ring acts as if it were a fluid, featuring a high surface tension and distributing all the pressure around in a uniform manner.

Its main benefits include simple assembly, simple housing designs, low cost, small size, excellent quality/price ratio, durability, and the wide range of materials in which O-Rings are available.

Further information on O-Rings is provided below, and if you wish to make a purchase please visit our online store or request an estimate.

O-Rings, product details

O-Rings Material Hardness
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Junta Tórica / O-Ring NBR 40 – 90 -20 to +100/+120
Junta Tórica / O-Ring FPM 50 – 90 -20 to +200/+220
Junta Tórica / O-Ring EPDM 40 – 85 -30 to +110/+130
Junta tórica VMQ / O-Ring VMQ VMQ 20 – 80 -60 to +160/+180
Junta Tórica / O-Ring FFKM 60 – 90 -15 to +320

O-Rings, own approvals

In addition to its own approvals, JIOrings also provides O-rings with approvals obtained by its suppliers: drinking water, gas, flame or food. You will find a list of the main approved compounds in the Approvals section.

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