Do you know the origin of brand names?

In our sector, using brand names instead of material names is very usual.

There are many manufacturers on the market and consequently many brand names which make reference to the chemical names. However, the nomenclature (f.e. NBR) is very often the way people call a material. But sometimes, when an important market share of a compound belongs to one manufacturer, it results natural for people to call the material by its brand name The most famous case is the one of Chemours’ Viton® which has become for the FPM what Kleenex® is for tissues.

Anyhow, should you have any doubt on the material you do need, please check below the list of the most usual brand names.

Comercial name for common materials
Comercial Name Chemical Name Symbol

DIN*/ISO*1629 / ASTM*1418 / JIOrings