JIOrings is a safe bet. Our business is sealing rings: we hold one of the largest stocks in the peninsula, with more than 45 millions of seals available in real time in our online shop. In addition, we manufacture all kinds of silicon special parts, according to drawing or sample.


Whatever the final sector may be, our goal is that the blends of our seals always comply with all the requirements of healthiness, drinkability and safety demanded in any case by each of our clients, thus we spent years working to have the materials used in our seals certified by independent entities and labs. [+]


With more than 40 million O-Rings, almost 1 million X-Rings, 225,000 Back-up Rings (BUR), 200,000 V-Rings, 125,000 Bonded Seals, 60,000 Hydraulic U-Rings, 40,000 Rotary Shaft Seals, 23,000 RB Gamma Seals, 21,000 Wiper Seals, 2,150 spools of cord rings… it will be difficult not to find what you are looking for.