JIOrings Running Team

The JIOrings Running Team is made up of running enthusiasts who help us to take the JIOrings brand wherever their legs take them.

Galdakao Boleibol Taldea

Galdakao Boleibol Taldea, or GBT, is a volleyball club in Galdakao that is already 48 years old and that is a benchmark in Biscay and the Basque Country. The teams usually play on a court, but all categories also participate in beach volleyball throughout the months of May-June.

JIOrings Cycling Team

The JIOrings Cycling Team is made up of a wave of cycling enthusiasts who help us to take the JIOrings brand wherever they ride their bikes. In 2015 and 2016, Isaak Rosillo was the visible head of the JIOrings Cycling Team, but after an injury, he decided to leave the competition. Today our goal is to focus on the wave, providing support (through equipment, registration, organisation...) to all those bicycle lovers who want to be part of the JIOrings Cycling Team.

Born to Learn

Born to Learn (BTL) is an association founded with the aim of developing and empowering vulnerable communities in Tanzania. It is an NGO founded on the belief that education is a right that everyone should receive, regardless of where and how they are born. The focus is set on educational inclusion for all children in need, so that they have access to a quality education that responds to the unique needs of the communities where we operate.

Galdakao Triatloi Eskola

Galdakao Triatloi Eskola is open to young people aged between 8 and 13 and its goal is to promote sport and its values among children. Behind this initiative are the Galdakao Triathlon Team, the Galdakao Town Council, Loroño Dental Clinic and JIOrings.

Rose Trip

100% female trekking. Some moments in a woman’s life are like climbing a mountain, but nothing stops a born adventurer on a path of challenges. The Rose Trip routes are a challenge, an initiatory experience. Rose Trip’s goal is to offer women the possibility to undergo a real experience, where they can let go and embark on an unforgettable journey of initiation. At JIOrings we are playing our part, supporting one of the teams who will take part in this wonderful challenge.