Production according to a drawing or based on a sample

Our aim is to stick to the customer’s requirements in order to provide a perfect customized part (shape, sizes, material, hardness, approvals, …)..

Phase of engineering

We analyze the needs of every client. What the part will be like (hardness, smoothness, elasticity, durability), in which application it will be fitted, etc.

Mould manufacture

We design the mould based on the drawing or the sample provided by the client and the specifications of each part.

Standardisation of sample

Once the tooling has been cut, we manufacture a test batch so that the client can carry out any tests deemed necessary.

Mass production

When the part is approved, we get to work to produce the seals requested, taking into account the deadlines and quantities agreed.

Why Rubber?

Rubber has plenty of advantages. It is a very versatile material which adapts to movement, tolerances, hardness or temperature changes. It is an electrical insulator, conductor or anti-static. It is resistant to fire, chemical agents, and to oils. It resists fire and can be self-extinguishing, among many other things.

On request, our special parts made of elastomer can be supplied with certificates (3.1, PPAP, etc.), approvals, test reports. We can also apply surface treatments adapted to the application.

  • Gas: EN549, EN682
  • Agua: ACS CLP, 3A, EN681, KTW UBA, KIWA, NSF61, WRAS, W270, W534
  • Alimentación: FDA, 1935/2004, BfR, NSF
  • Farmacia: USP
  • Ignífuga: UL
  • U-Rings for fire-fighting equipments
  • Couplings for fuses
  • X-Rings for pressure dishes for drinking wáter treatment
  • Protective caps for compact gas cells
  • Toric part with rectangular perimeter for pressure relief valve in gas cells
  • Sealing part with a toroidal section for fluid control units



Collar FPM 70 SH A Green Resistant to oil. Highly-resistant to temperature.

Fuse holder attachment

Fuse holder attachment VMQ 35 SH A Dielectric Red RAL-2001


Cap Neopreno 50 SH A Black An elastic material which is flame-retardant in contact with SF6 gas


O-Ring EPDM 65 SH A Contact materials Stainless steel, SF6 gas, and epoxy..

Shaped seal

Shaped seal NBR 70 SH A Black General tolerance according to UNE 22768-1