JIOrings’ Quality Policy

JIOrings assumes itself the challenge to be the leader in the sector of seals marketing offering a high-quality service and fostering the confidence of our clients. To achieve this commitment, in JIOrings we pursue actively the following principles that guide our actions:

  • Seeking the efficiency in every single action that we carry out, collaborating among departments in order to achieve the common goal.
  • Continuously stablishing, maintaining and improving a Management System based on the Quality Management international standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2005.
  • Complying with the aforementioned certification and relevant laws in quality matters, as well as voluntarily accepted requirements and internal procedures.
  • Channeling our efforts and the product itself towards the client stablishing their satisfaction as the main goal. For that reason, it is of paramount importance in the seals marketing to listen to the clients’ needs, so that proper deliveries can be done afterwards.
  • Meeting clients’ demands in case they ask for a new product, manufacturing them according to a drawing or sample of the seals which have been asked.
  • Including and encouraging participation at all levels of the organization and third parties through training and personal information.
  • Improving and updating permanently this policy in order to make it more effective and in order it to provide a reference framework so that quality objectives could be stablished and examined.

This policy in thereby notified to and understood by our employees and third parties that work within our organization, so that it may be applied in the activities of production.