Does the size 4.47 × 1.78 mean anything to you? | News | JIOrings

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Does the size 4.47 × 1.78 mean anything to you? | News | JIOrings

You won’t find more materials available anywhere else!

Whereas in the previous post we talked about the importance (or not) of size, this time we are going to talk about the relevance of a specific size. If you are asking yourself why, then just keep reading.

The JIOrings warehouses hold a stock of more than 30 million O-rings of different inside diameters, cross-sections, hardness, materials, approvals, colours… And only the client knows the real working conditions to which the seals will be subjected and the properties that need to be complied with.

Without wishing to be exhaustive, we would like to emphasise the importance of choosing the right o-ring. The use of seals is universal and you will see them in both static and dynamic applications, on the interior and exterior of machinery parts and in a wide range of sectors. Of course, the same seals are not used in the healthcare sector, where O-rings need to be resistant to fluid, inert, and not produce substances or alter the essential characteristics of the product, as the seals used in the hydraulic sector, where resistance to extrusion and oils is more important.

There is a specific size (4.47 x 1.78) that due to its consumption in different sectors (food, pharmaceutical, medicine, biotechnology, chemical, petrochemical, gas, aeronautics, electronics…), we have managed to create a huge stock of different materials and approvals.

Check out our stock of 4.47 x 1.78 O-rings

Reference Type Size Material Colour Standard Homologation
O0004470178CR7001 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 CR70 Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178FFKMN894 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 FFKM75 (Evolast® N894) Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178IB5501 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 NBR55 Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178IB8001 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 NBR80 Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178IBM748 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 NBR90 Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178IBNS7004K O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 NBR70 Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178IBNS8012K O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 NBR80 Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178IBNS9015K O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 NBR90 (Nipol®) Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178JA5002F O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 VMQ50 Blue (BS008-AN3-2018-103) FDA – Compliant
O0004470178JA7006F O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 VMQ70 Red (BS008-AN3-2018-103) FDA – Approved
O0004470178JA8013F O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 VMQ80 White (BS008-AN3-2018-103) FDA – Compliant
O0004470178JAS70R00E O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 VMQ70 Red (BS008-AN3-2018-103) For gas
O0004470178LPE70N00C O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 EPDM70 Peroxide Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103) FDA – Compliant
O0004470178LPM534 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 EPDM70 Peroxide Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103) FDA – Approved for drinking water
O0004470178OZ7501F O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 FPM75 Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103) FDA – Approved
O0004470178OZ819001 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 FPM80 Brown (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178OZ910701 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 FPM90 Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178OZV80V00E O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 FPM80 Green (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178OZVA7523K O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 FPM75 (Viton®) Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178OZVG70I00 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 FPM70 Green (BS008-AN3-2018-103) For gas
O0004470178TH7003 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 HNBR70 Green (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178FE8001 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 FEPM80 (Aflas®) Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178LP8001PFA O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 EPDM80 Peroxide Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103) FDA – Approved for drinking water
O0004470178IB7001F O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 NBR70 FDA Black (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178FS7002 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 FVMQ70 Blue (BS008-AN3-2018-103)
O0004470178PT17301 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 PTFE White (BS008-AN3-2018-103) FDA – Compliant
O0004470178PU9012 O-Ring 4.47 x 1.78 PU90 Translucent (BS008-AN3-2018-103)

Basic information on the materials used

NBR Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) is the most widely used material in O-rings due to its excellent mechanical properties, resistance to abrasion, low permeability to gases and high resistance to mineral oils and greases. [ NBR O-Rings]

EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber or EPDM is an elastomer thermopolymer that provides good resistance to abrasion and wear for O-rings. [ EPDM O-Rings]

VMQ The term silicone includes a large group of materials of which VMQ (vinyl-methyl-silicone) is one. Silicone elastomers have may useful properties, the most noteworthy of which are good heat resistance and low-temperature flexibility. There are also highly resistant to ozone and the passage of time, in addition to having good insulating and physiologically neutral properties. [ VMQ O-Rings]

FPM-Viton® O-Rings FPM is a fluoroelastomer obtained from the derivation of synthetic rubber and elastomer fluoropolymer. O-rings manufactured from this material provide greater elasticity and resistance than other types of rubber, in addition to possessing high resistance to highly aggressive fluids, good resistance to deformation, excellent sealing force retention and the original hardness of the design. [ FPM-Viton® O-Rings]

FFKM Evolast® Perfluoroelastomer-made (FFKM Evolast®) O-rings are designed to combine the needs of chemical and thermal resistance provided by the PTFE and the sealing properties typical of elastomers. One of the advantages of seals made with FFKM is the wide range of temperatures they are capable of withstanding. [ FFKM Evolast® O-Rings]