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Wipers seals preventing the entry of dirt | News | JIOrings

Metal-cased wipers, worldwide known as "wiper seals"

Wiper seals maintain sealing contact to the piston rod when the equipment is stationary (static, no reciprocating motion of rod) and in use (dynamic, reciprocating rod). Without a wiper seal, the retracting piston rod could transport contaminants into the cylinder, and that would be disastrous. If outsider contaminants enter the hydraulic system, the contaminated hydraulic fluid can rapidly wear away axels, block filters and damage mechanized surfaces.

Wipers or wiper seals are hydraulic seals. Hundreds of wipers can be found in the market, but we could make a clear division between flexible wipers and rigid wipers (also known as metal-cased wipers). The main difference between them is that flexible wipers (made of polyurethane or rubber) are assembled in closed cartridges whereas rigid wipers (made of polyurethane o rubber with an external metal reinforcement) are used in opened or semi-opened housings.

As the name clearly states, wipers are commonly used to wipe or scrape away dirt from axels or shaft as well as prevent external particles, shavings or humidity from entering the hydraulic cylinders. Indeed, wipers operate with a wide range of applications and environmental conditions, such as dust, countless residues and surrounding environment conditions.

Polyurethane wipers (with single lip static water-tightness) are used to prevent water or dirtiness from entering the housings. These hydraulic seals are most importantly used in mobile hydraulics or agricultural equipment. However, they can also be assembled in many other applications.

Even if wipers don’t function with pressure, they may be subjected to strong charges. Generally, metal-cased wipers tend to be more resistant than flexible wipers and they are normally assembled in opened or semi-opened housings. Once functioning, metal-cased wipers remain in the housing as its outside metal part, when contacting with the metal of the system, guarantee the perfect attachment.

At JIOrings, the quickest way to find a seal, we mainly distribute MW (NBR + steel) compositions for rigid wipers, ME1 (polyurethane + steel), ME2 (polyurethane + steel) and DH04 (polyurethane) for flexible wipers. In any case, in the standard stock section, you can view the wipers we generally have in stock in the warehouse. If you can’t find it, contact us without any doubt.