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Wiper Seals

Wiper seals, one of the most successful hydraulic seals

When considering hydraulic seals, wipers are in high demand from our clients. There are a variety of different wipers on the market, but we can easily divide them into two groups, flexible and metal-cased wipers (also known as wiper seals). In general, flexible wipers (manufactured from polyurethane).

The wipers are commonly used in hydraulic cylinders to scrape away dirt from axes or shafts as well as avoiding the ingress of external particles, dust, or moisture to the system. It could be fairly said that the main function of wipers is to prevent the hydraulic medium becoming contaminated, which can lead to damage to guide rings, seals, and other components.

At JIOrings we distribute mainly MW (NBR + steel) compositions for rigid wipers and DH04 (polyurethane) for flexible wipers. In any case, in the standard stock section, you can view the wipers that we generally have in stock in the warehouse.

Wiper seals, product details

Wiper Profile Name / Material Temperature [ºC] Speed [m/s] Check stock
MW Wiper seal MW NBR 90Sh + Metal -30 to +100 ≤ 1,00

MW Wiper seal MW FPM 90Sh + Metal -20 to +200 ≤ 1,00

DH04 Wiper Seal DH04 Polyurethane 90Sh -20 to +200 ≤ 0,50

ME1 Wiper Seal ME-1 Polyurethane 90Sh + Metal -20 to +100 ≤ 1,00

ME2 Wiper Seal ME-2 Polyurethane 90Sh + Metal -20 to +100 ≤ 1,00