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Washers without mould cost and without minimum order | News | JIOrings

Washers, square- or rectangular-section rings

We are going to dedicate this post to washers. Until now, we have been focusing on raising awareness of our different lines of seals month by month. We started this series of “one month, one seal” with the most common one of all, the o-ring. But we have also written about seals which, a priori, are not so well known, such as RB gamma seals. We have one of the largest stocks of seals on the peninsula and it is our objective to raise awareness of the products in our catalogue, both seals as well as washers.

Rubber washers are circular components with a hole in the centre. It is a very simple product that we at JIOrings can manufacture in different ways:

  • Punched out of a sheet.
  • Cut from a tube moulded or extruded.
  • Moulded.

Each production system has its advantages and distinctive features. In the case of washers manufactured by punching out of a sheet, we offer these pieces with a maximum diameter of 500 mm, and from a minimum thickness of 0.1 mm, in a range of hardnesses from 30 to 90 on the Shore A scale, and in any rubber (NBR, EPDM, silicone, food-grade silicone, etc.). In the case of washers cut from a tube (moulded or extruded), we can obtain these pieces with square edges, reducing the percentage of defects such as marks, notches, burrs, etc. Moulded washers allow us to offer these pieces suitable for more specific technical requirements (any material, size, colour, certification, etc.) than the other two systems.

The most common applications for these pieces are found in usage situations such as taps, plumbing, ironmongery, etc. although, in reality, we can find a washer anywhere there is a nut or a screw and a need to uniformly distribute the pressure applied by the nut o screw on the surface. We can also use these parts to avoid liquids leaking, ensure sealing, insulate, provide constant support, etc.

These are some of the advantages that parts can provide when used:

  • Tight tolerances, particularly as regards thickness.
  • Excellent price/quality ratio, particularly for medium-sized and large series.
  • Smooth finish of the surface and the edges.
  • No investment in moulds for the most standard sizes.

At JIOrings, we offer you a wide range of standard washers as well as made-to-measure moulded washers, washers which meet the need of a particular design, manufacturing tailored to your more specific needs (NO mould cost, NO minimum order). Request your quote or go to our online shop to make your purchase.