The O-Ring and its universality

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The O-Ring and its universality

That ring has become the quintessential one, used in all kind of industrial sectors and in other ones as amazing as jewelry or optics.

It is the universal seal. The O-Ring is the simplest and most versatile of all the standard seals: thanks to its unsophisticated shape, its use has spread to all industries (taps, car industries, pipes, hydraulics, pneumatics, flanges, pumps…), which has enabled the development of efficient processes and large-scale outputs, and, as a consequence, it has lead to huge savings in terms of manufacturing costs.

But O-Rings are much more than that. Did you know that they are used in sectors such amazing as jewelry? Yes, as decorative patterns. And they are very popular as wristbands as well.

In the industrial field, the function of the O-Ring is to ensure the sealing of both gaseous and liquid fluids between removable parts. As you can easily imagine, this is critical in many applications. Its own energizing properties enable a great sealing capacity, which increases as the pressure raises in the system.

An anecdote that you may not know: in 1986, the NASA’s Space Shuttle Challenger was disintegrated a few seconds after it took off. Seemingly, some O-rings had been subjected to very cold temperatures but the raw material had been not correctly chosen.

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