Shall we have a look back at 2022?

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Shall we have a look back at 2022?

When the year comes to an end, we like sharing all the activities we have been involved in over the last 12 months with you. And looking back, we see we really have achieved a lot!

Additions to the workforce

Raquel Díaz joined our warehouse staff last December and Saioa Martin reinforced our Procurement and Logistics departments in January 2022, while Eider Etxebarria arrived at JIOrings in April to provide us with all her expertise in Domestic and International Sales. These three admissions in different departments have enabled us to provide a better service, take on new projects with a guarantee of success and have brought a breath of fresh air to the workforce.

Moreover, we have made further improvements to our common facilities, thereby enabling us to install another workstation in the office, which is now more open-plan and more comfortable, although everyone still has plenty of room. We have also taken the opportunity to give the company´s exterior a facelift. First of all, we replaced the gate, thereby enhancing security and agility with regard to the management of the inflow and outflow of merchandise, in addition to installing a fluorescent sign on our facade, rendering the premises more visible and making it easier to find us. We ended the year with a workforce of 15 employees.

Investing in quality

Due to the fact quality is an endless process, we continue to have our seal mixtures certified by independent entities and laboratories. And this year, with our new website, we wanted to publish all that work online. The Approvals section  now lists both the approved mixtures for gas, water, food, pharmaceutical and fire-retardant products and those obtained by JIOrings through official external laboratories, as well as an extended file with additional information on each mixture.

Reducing the Company´s carbon footprint

We are committed to reducing the Company´s environmental impact, and as such we continue to work towards this goal. In November we installed 20 solar panels on the JIOrings roof for the generation of electricity and subsequent self-consumption. The introduction of photovoltaic solar technology as an alternative to the use of the electricity grid has enabled us to reduce our environmental impact and to be less dependent on more polluting forms of energy.

Some of the energy obtained from the sun, once it has been transformed, will be used for daily self-consumption at the Company and for recharging the electric vehicles that are already beginning to appear in the JIOrings car park. A charging point has been installed at the entrance to the warehouse that will allow cars to be charged both safely and quickly and reduce electricity costs.

Sponsoring values and sport

The JIOrings running and cycling teams (JRT and JCT) continue to go from strength to strength. We love receiving photos of their events and races, and we spend days posting them on our social networks. Seeing the kits (floral, linen, confetti...) in different places on the map makes us proud, and all the athletes look just fantastic.

We began sponsoring the Galdakao Triathlon School this year and will be sponsoring the Club as well by the end of the year.

We are also extremely pleased to have renewed our partnership with Galdakao Boleibol Taldea for the 2023 season.

Meeting goals

First of all we would like to thank you. If you have managed to shop without any problems, thanks for moving to our new store. If your first shopping experience wasn´t all that you expected, we thank you for placing your trust in us, giving us another chance and continuing to shop online. If you still haven´t tried out our new store, we thank you for giving us a chance in 2023, as this will be the year in which you start shopping online.

The work behind the launch of our online store has been and will continue to be our priority this year. We would have liked everything to have gone perfectly to plan, however this process has enabled us to improve the shopping experience with all your contributions.

Remember that the new search engine, which enables you to look for the seals and sizes best suited to your needs, is a brand-new tool designed to facilitate the procedure.

Increasing stock

If we are the quickest means of finding a seal, then this is due to our large stock of parts, which enables us to dispatch domestic orders in under 24 hours.

We are going to significantly expand our range of U-rings and wipers, composite seals (Silrings) and guide rings in early 2023, in addition to the introduction of new hydraulic and pneumatic seals not available for sale up at JIOrings up to now.

All these products will be illustrated on the menu in the new store, including new families and new profiles in existing families of seals.

Our best seals and wishes for 2023!!