Reducing the impact on the environment is also in our hands

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Reducing the impact on the environment is also in our hands

Twenty solar panels on the roof of JIOrings 

The carbon footprint measures greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our daily activities. Every time we drive to work, turn on our computers to answer emails from customers, send an O-Rings across the peninsula... we generate a trail of gases that accumulate in the atmosphere and overheat the planet. 

For this “academic year 2022-2023”, we have set ourselves the goal of carrying out several actions to reduce the carbon footprint generated by JIOrings. We have already changed all the lighting across the company to energy efficient bulbs, next year we are planning to plant many trees to offset our carbon footprint and improve biodiversity, and we have just committed ourselves to source energy from renewable sources

With the help of OZASAN, we installed 20 solar panels on the roof of JIOrings to produce electricity for our own consumption. 

Over the years, we have been taking action on the '3Rs' (Reduce, reuse and recycle). Today, we have embraced solar photovoltaic technology as an alternative to the electricity grid, as an economic investment, but also as a way to reduce our environmental impact. 

Thanks to the installed panels, we will be able to transform the sun's energy into electrical energy. 

The solar panels installed use sunlight to produce electrical energy, without any type of engine or alternator and without causing waste or noise. This is in line with our aim to reduce our carbon footprint. 

The electricity produced is adapted by means of a converter, so that we can use it in our daily lives. In addition, the monitoring system will allow us to remotely control the operation of the installation and the efficient management of the energy produced. 

And now, we are just waiting for the sunshine :D