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Plugs for barrels | News | JIOrings

Nortap, silicon plugs for barrels

Our silicon plugs for barrels are made from quality materials which allow optimum wine storage in the barrel.

Tradition and modernity do not have to be antagonistic concepts. They can go hand-in-hand and result in a benefit from this alliance. This is the case of our silicon plugs for wine barrels, a sure-fire, innovative product for a sector like the winemaking one which has age-old customs.

Ten years´experience in the design and manufacture of rubber technical parts has driven us to develop this product and we are very happy with the result. Our plugs or bungs are made from high-quality materials and they adapt to the diameters of the barrel mouths used most often.

Though those best suited to bear testimony to this are our clients who include Bodegas Campo Viejo, Grupo CVNE and Rioja Alta SA. These three producers maintain and pamper the traditional wine-making methods and these age-old secrets that go to make up the essence of the broths, but, at the same time, without missing out in the advantages afforded by new technologies.

Our silicon plugs for barrels last for years by contrast to those made of wood which have to be changed every time wine racking is carried out for example. This is not necessary with JIOrings bungs which are totally hygienic and are made in line with the FDA standard (Food and Drug Administration). It is a harmless, odourless and insipid product which ensures the optimum storage of wine in the barrel.

We started marketing this product in 2015 and in 2016 we wish to consolidate, on the one hand, all the bung references we already have, with stocks which enable us to meet the demand of habitual clients and others who have begun to appear; and, on the other hand, we will gradually generate new bung references as and when demand evolves.

Basically, and as is already the case with seals and other products, here at JIOrings we also hope to become the perfect distributor of silicon plugs for wine barrels.

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