Our commitment to the environment: how to reduce the carbon footprint

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What is the carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted directly or indirectly by human activities. It is measured in units of carbon dioxide equivalent. This metric not only takes into account CO2 but also other gases like methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), which have a significantly more potent greenhouse effect than CO2, though they are emitted in smaller quantities.

JIOrings, increasingly sustainable

The excessive increase in the global carbon footprint has serious consequences, such as global warming, climatic changes, and effects on ecosystems, among others. Companies, as major emitters, have a particular responsibility to lead the change towards more sustainable practices. That's why JIOrings has been taking steps for years to reduce our carbon footprint, contributing to achieving a greener world.

We have taken several measures throughout 2023:

Carbon audit: Through Impredecible Basoa, we have conducted an initial diagnosis to determine the emissions we generate as a company and to establish a baseline for action.

Energy efficiency: We have opted for more efficient equipment and processes, and we now have renewable energy sources thanks to the solar panels installed on the roof of JIOrings.

Reforestation: And this weekend the entire team carried out a tree planting, an excellent way to offset emissions, as these absorb CO2 during their growth.

Impredecible Basoa Experience

Investing in projects that reduce or capture emissions has become one of our goals. Engaging and raising awareness among everyone in the organization that the way forward is to take care of the planet led us to complete JIOrings' annual activity with the planting of 30 native trees in Muniketagana (Muxika, Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve). At 300 meters above sea level, in pairs, we planted a total of 30 holly trees, leaving our mark of life in Impredecible Basoa.

It was an activity that we personally enjoyed immensely and that made us reflect on what each of us can do for environmental improvement. And at the company level, we were able to offset the previously diagnosed carbon footprint. All of this with the help of Impredecible Basoa.

Download certificate

*This certificate exclusively, non-transferably, and personally guarantees for 40 years all the CO2e that the planted trees absorb (0.3 TN CO2e of absorption per native tree in total) to compensate for the CO2e emissions of the activities considered as CO2e absorption assignment.