JIOrings and the Guarantee of Quality

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JIOrings and the Guarantee of Quality

Learn about the most demanded mix homologations

At JIOrings, the Homologations section within our Quality department stands out for its utility and commitment to excellence.

This area is essential to understand the importance of homologations in the sealing industry, ensuring optimal and reliable performance for each joint we sell.

The table of homologated mixes, carried out by our suppliers or by JIOrings in certified and independent laboratories, is a key tool that provides a clear and detailed view of the quality and suitability of our mixes for various applications:

  • Gas: Gas joints must have high resistance to hydrocarbons and be able to withstand variable pressures and temperatures.
  • Water: In the water sector, joints need to resist corrosion and be compatible with different types of water, including drinking and wastewater.
  • Food: Joints used in the food industry must be non-toxic and resist different levels of acidity and bases present in food.
  • Pharmacy: In pharmacy, it is crucial that joints are sterile and resistant to decomposition by chemicals and sterilization processes.
  • Fireproof: Fireproof joints must resist high temperatures and slow down the spread of fire.

Each application demands specific characteristics to ensure safety and efficiency, which is why it is important to consult this section if you have any doubts.

Homologations (EN549, EN682, ACS CLP, 3-A, EN681, KTW UBA, KIWA, NSF61, WRAS, W270, W534, FDA, 1935/2004, BfR, NSF, USP, UL...) represent specific standards and quality certifications in different sectors. Each of these homologations ensures that the sealing joints comply with rigorous standards related to safety, compatibility with specific substances (such as food or pharmaceuticals), fire resistance, among others. They are essential to ensure that the joints are suitable and safe for their intended use in various applications.

At JIOrings, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards, thus ensuring the best use and durability of our sealing solutions.

Discover more about our homologations and our commitment to quality by visiting the Homologations section.

You may also be interested in the definition of homologations section, where you will find detailed information about each of our homologations. This resource is essential to understand the added value that our homologations bring to your projects.