Food-grade silicone plugs for quality wines | News | JIOrings

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Food-grade silicone plugs for quality wines | News | JIOrings

Pamper your wine barrels with our silicone plugs

The function of silicone plugs for barrels is as “simple” as sealing the barrel so that the process of wine making runs its course, without intervening in the process itself. Nortap® plugs, made of 100% food grade silicone, are the best option to achieve the perfect closure or fit with the mouth of any barrel. And they are also more economical because they are easily reusable.

The barrel offers a wide variety of possibilities (type of oak, origin of the oak, level of toasting of the wood etc…) that will affect the final result of the wine. Just as the barrel brings specific qualities (oxygen, softness, complexity, aromas…) to the wine, the silicone plugs should NOT contribute anything at all.

In spite of its simplicity, closures for barrels have been one of the products that have “forced” us to adopt extra measures in terms of food safety.

One of those recent measures that we have taken to guarantee the safety of our plugs, has been to register JIOrings with the RGSEAA (General Sanitary Registry of Food and Food Companies). Added to that, we are also registered with the BfR (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

These international certifications demonstrate that, during the wine making, and in the months that they are in the barrels, the silicone plugs (VMQ 40 SH A) do NOT contribute odor, flavour, or transmit any substances to the wines.

For JIOrings, the quality of the barrel plugs must be present throughout the entire production process, from manufacturing to final delivery to customers. And it is precisely the confidence that important cooperage and wineries continue to place in us, which drives us to continue improving.

Check our silicone plug stock-levels for barrels in real time

Plug type Measure [mm] Name Check stock
Conical plugs 38X48X48 SV42
Conical plugs 45X55X48 SV45
Conical plugs 47x56x50 SV54
Flange plugs 45x48x30 45L
Flange plugs 43x50x38 48L
Flange plugs 46x52x33 50S
Flange plugs 44x54x39 50L
Flange plugs 55x64X47 60L
Racking Plugs 33x38x35 33F