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FKM/FPM/Viton®, three names for the same rubber | News | JIOrings

Do you know what Viton® is?

Viton® is a trademark of a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer commonly used in the manufacture of O-Rings. The name is a trademark registered by The Chemours Company and its international abbreviation is FPM (DIN/ISO denomination) or FKM (ASTM). It is also known as Fluoro-Elastomer or by its trade name, Viton.

The Viton® brand is by far the most recognised FPM/FKM brand worldwide, to such an extent that, in the industrial world, the word has undergone a lexicalisation process. In other words, like the word Kleenex® designates a tissue, the word Viton® is used to refer to gaskets manufactured in FPM regardless of their raw material. The truth is that, since its invention by DuPont™ (now The Chemours Company), many other chemical companies have developed their own FKM. We can cite Dyneon®, DaiEl ®, Fluorel®, Noxtite® and Tecnoflon®, among others.

DuPont, an American multinational company, is one of the largest chemical companies in the world. As well as having developed Viton, it is also the creator of other well-known materials such as Neoprene®, Nylon®, Lycra®, Plexiglass®, Teflon®, among others. Because it always trademarks its progress, many of its products are even more famous than the company itself.

Why do our customers choose the Viton® O-rings?
Basically, because their thermal resistance is the best, no other elastomer can compare.

Viton® is a hexafluoropropylene thermopolymer, with vinylidene fluoride, tetrafluoroethylene and methylvinyl etherperfluoro. On the one hand, the energy of the carbon-fluorine bond is much greater than that of the carbon-hydrogen bond and also greater than that of the carbon-chlorine bond. On the other hand, the much larger fluorine atoms exert a shielding effect, which protects the main carbon chain. Hence its thermal resistance.

The resistance to continuous temperature is +205 ºC without losing its mechanical properties. In intermittent, it can reach up to 220°C. Some “improved”  compounds like our “OZM410-121294” blend resists temperatures of up to +250ºC.

Stock of O-rings in Viton®

At JIOrings, we have an extensive stock of Viton gaskets and the possibility to manufacture in this material or schedule their manufacture. As well as O-Rings, we also have quad-rings, V-Rings, cord-rings and seals (in high demand) in Viton.

Did you know that...?

The surname “Vitón” is quite common in Spain and comes from the Latin “vita”. Apparently, it appears 234 times as a first surname and 206 times as a second surname. Nobody has it as both surnames. It is also a surname that appears in the Sephardic community of Morocco.