Cyanoacrylate profile adhesive

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Cyanoacrylate profile adhesive

What is cyanoacrylate

Cyanoacrylate is a fast drying and strong type of adhesive that is widely used in a variety of applications. It is composed of cyanoacrylate, which is a type of liquid monomer that polymerises (hardens) quickly when it meets moisture in the air and has become the perfect complement to buy along with cord-ring

Perfect combo: cord-ring + cyanoacrylate

The use of cyanoacrylate to glue a profile such as cord-ring, X-ring cord or square cord can be an excellent choice due to its adhesive properties:  

· Fast drying: It dries very quickly, in a matter of seconds or minutes. This means you can get a fast and effective bond between the cord-ring and the surface you want to seal, which can save time compared to other adhesives that may require a longer drying time. 

· Bond strength: It has excellent bonding strength on a variety of materials, including elastomers. This ensures that the cord-ring is held securely and tightly in place, which is critical to its sealing function. 

· Chemical resistance: It is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and substances, which is important when used in applications where the cord-ring could meet fluids or corrosive substances. 

· Good adhesion on smooth surfaces: It tends to adhere well to smooth, clean surfaces, which is common in many applications where cord-rings are used instead of cord-rings.  

That's why we at JIOrings have started marketing Loxeal® cyanoacrylate, a trusted brand that has been providing high quality adhesives and industrial bonding solutions since the early 1980s. 

The importance of making the right choice

It is important to note that not all types of cyanoacrylate are suitable for all applications. You need to make sure you select the right type of cyanoacrylate that is compatible with the materials involved and meets the specific requirements of your application. That is why we at JIOrings recommend:  

· For NBR: Cyanoacrylate Istant IS34 (Viscous Version Istant IS45)  

· For FPM: Istant Cyanoacrylate IS56 / IS52  

· For EPDM: Istant IS34 Cyanoacrylate (Istant IS45 Viscous Version)  

· For Peroxide EPDM: Cyanoacrylate Istant IS34 (Istant IS43S in temperature)  

· For VMQ: Cyanoacrylate Istant IS73 + Activator 7 / Istant IS43S + Activator 7 / Istant IS37 viscous option  

· For PU: Cyanoacrylate LOXEAL IS73 + ACT.7.  

 Take advantage of the purchase of spools of cord-ring, square or X-ring cord to add the cyanoacrylate adhesive that best suits the selected material to your cart.  

A thousand names, one use

Cyanoacrylate adhesive is known by several names and brand names due to its popularity and widespread use, as well as its use in industrial environments such as waterproofing. 

Some of the alternative names it is known by are: super glue, instant glue, quick glue, super glue, cyano glue...

In terms of specific brand names, the most commonly used and common would be Super Glue and Loctite.