And the annual activity of JIOrings arrived

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And the annual activity of JIOrings arrived


After having to postpone the activity due to bad weather in June, we were all eager to enjoy the big day.

And that will always be our main goal: to come to the annual activity eager to be together and enjoy quality time outside of work. The other objectives of the team building, such as transforming and improving the way the team interacts and works, improving performance and efficiency, are nothing if we do not achieve the satisfaction and well-being of all employees.

HERRI KIROLAK by Piratak Herri Kirol Kluba

As Bingen explained to us, the Basque Rural Sports (Herri Kirolak) have their roots in the traditional work activities and challenges of the Basque Country. These sports arose from daily practices and skills needed in agricultural and maritime work. It was common for rural workers to challenge others to show who was the strongest or most skilled at a particular task.

The challenge was set: two groups, 5 tests, and to compete:

  • Lokotx biltzea (corn cob collection) - Victory for TEAM FLORES
  • Txingak (weight carrying) - Victory for TEAM JUNTAS
  • Saku eramatea (sack races) - Victory for TEAM FLORES
  • Ingude altxatzea (anvil lifting) - Victory for TEAM JUNTAS
  • Sokatira (tug of war) - TIE

In addition, we had the opportunity to try trontza (log cutting with a saw) and act as harrizulatzaile (drillers), all under the watchful eye and advice of Bingen and his father (Aita).


On Sunday, in addition to planting trees with the aim of creating a diverse forest with native species and fighting against the carbon footprint, we learned about the symbiotic relationship between trees and the fungus network, known as the "Wood Wide Web".

Just like in the fungus network, where trees can exchange nutrients, water, and information, at JIOrings, if one department faces a problem or challenge, other departments provide additional resources, knowledge, or personnel to help overcome the situation. Networking is fundamental.


And between activities, we had time to eat in the full Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve on Saturday (Restaurant Madaixagane) and at the foot of the stairs leading to the Santi Mamiñe caves on Sunday (Restaurant Lezika). Because it's true that "from the belly comes the dance," and it takes little for us to laugh, talk, remember anecdotes experienced in other outings or moments at work, and above all, enjoy our company.

For our part, we thank everyone for their enthusiasm and attitude, and JIOrings for making these moments possible.