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V-Rings, the strongest seal with the best sealing properties

The V-Ring is an elastomeric seal for the sealing of rotary shafts without any pressure. It is fitted to ensure the sealing against dust, mud, water, oil… The V-Rings remains steady on the shaft and rotates at the same time. It is commonly used in machines-tools, appliances, electric motors, switches, automotive…

This seal possesses a dynamic sealing effect achieved by means of the flexible lip resting on the metallic part orthogonal to the rotation axis. During this rotation process the centrifugal force drives the drops away from the device, thereby preventing contact with the surface being protected. Furthermore, the V-Ring combines the seal of the lip and the mechanical and centrifugal effect against external agents, both liquid and solid.

V-Rings feature a number of characteristic benefits, such as the insignificant amount of wear borne by the seal and axis due to the low levels of friction. The finish of the metallic parts does not require a high degree of surface treatment. Indeed, the same V-Ring can be used for several different axis diameters and is extremely simple to use and assemble and the cost involved is low.

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V-Rings, product details

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