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Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic seals, the best protection against leakage of liquids or gases

Hydraulic seals are used in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder pistons. They are made with different profiles and materials and protect the cylinder head against possible leakage of liquids or gases. Hydraulic seals can be single or double effect, according to the direction of the pressure generated in the cylinder.

Below you will find more information about the main range of hydraulic seals: type, profile, material, as well as the pressure, temperature and speed that these seals support. In our stock you will find piston seals (PK3 and PK4), u-rings (UN, D2 and D3) and wiper seals (MW, ME1 and ME2).

Hydraulic seals, main range

Type Profile Material Pressure [Bars] Temperature [ºC] Speed [m/s] Check stock
Piston Seal PK3 PK3


≤350 -30 to +100 ≤0,50

Piston Seal PK4 PK4 NBR + POLYESTER+PA/GLASS FIBER ≤400 -30 to +100 ≤0,50

U-Ring UN UN Polyurethane 90Sh ≤350 -20 to +100 ≤0,50

U-Ring D2
D2 Polyurethane 95Sh ≤400 -20 to +100

U-Ring D3 D3 Polyurethane 95Sh ≤400 -20 to +100

Wiper Seal MW
Wiper seal MW

NBR 90Sh + Metal FPM 90Sh + Metal

-30 to  +100

Wiper Seal ME1
Wiper Seal ME-1 Polyurethane 90SH + Metal -20 to +100

Wiper Seal ME2
Wiper Seal ME-2 Polyurethane 90SH + Metal -20 to  +100