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X-Rings, the seals with the greatest resistance to expansion and pressure

The X-Ring, or Quad-Ring, is an elastomeric sealing part with four contact lips that enables extrusion and pressure to be better withstood. The flexibility of its lips also enables to reduce friction and wear.

This seal also stands out due to the flexibility of the lips, which reduces friction and wear. Whatever the direction of the force (radial or axial), the symmetrical section X-Ring guarantees an excellent seal, even in conditions of low pressure. In the event the pressure of the fluid increases, the elastic activation and rebound increase too. This is due to the fact that the elastomer, on acting like a fluid, transmits the force of the pressure in all directions.

Another of the benefits of X-Rings is that they require less force during start-up, up to 75% compared with other seals. Furthermore, due to their four support points, loss of lubricant is reduced significantly by effectively controlling the thickness of the film.

X-Rings or Quad-Rings, are used in single purpose applications, and, being a “self-energized” element, in static or dynamic.

All the information you require is provided below, together with the profiles, materials and temperature. And, of course, you have the option of visiting our online store to make a purchase or to request an estimate.

X-Rings, product details

X-RingMaterialHardness SH ATemperature [ºC]Check stock
Quad-Ring / X-RingNBR70Sh-20 to +100
Quad-Ring / X-RingFPM75Sh-20 to +200
Quad-Ring / X-RingEPDM70Sh-50 to +130

Extruded X-Ring Cord, product details

X-Ring CordMaterialHardness [SH A]Temperature [ºC]Check our stock of spools
Juntas estáticas Perfil Extruido Quad-RingBlack NBR70-20 to +100
Juntas estáticas Perfil Extruido Quad-RingBlack FDA FPM75 Viton®75-20 to +200
Juntas estáticas Perfil Extruido Quad-RingBlack FDA EPDM Keltan®
For drinking water
70-50 to +130
Perfil Quad-Ring VMQRed FDA VMQ Xiametre®70-50 to +180

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