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U-Rings, the seal with the widest range of uses

The U-Ring is a multipurpose seal that can be fitted either on a rod or on a piston. The U-Rings have high sealing properties and excellent resistance to abrasion, friction and wear. Its use is recommended with hydraulic oils, mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, lubrication oils and HFA, HFB fluids…

U-Rings are manufactured in L-93 polyurethane, an extremely high-performance thermoplastic which guarantees seals with low permanent deformation.

This seal features many benefits, among which we can highlight the simple method of assembly and disassembly and excellent resistance to wear. Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, presses and lifts comprise their main fields of use.

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U-Rings, product details

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UNCollarín UNPolyurethane90≤350-20 to +100≤0,50
D2Collarín D2Polyurethane95≤400-20 to +100≤0,50
D3Collarín D3Polyurethane95≤400-20 to +100≤0,50

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