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Static Seals

Static seals, the best closure for surfaces which do not move

Static seals are used for sealing applications in which the element to be sealed in a surface experiences no movement relative to this surface. That is to say, they seal surfaces which do not move relative to each other. Within the range of static seals are featured cord-ringquad-rings, and the most commonly used, O-rings.

You will find more detailed information below about static seals, their profile, the material they are manufactured in (NBR, FPM, EPDM, VMQ…) as well as the pressure and temperature which this type of seal can withstand. You can also observe the machined parts, together with their type and profile. Detailed information which will help you to make the ideal choice of static seal.

Static seals, main range

Static Seals Profile Material Pressure [Bares] Temperature [ºC] Check stock
O-Rings Junta Tórica / O-Ring Lots of available compounds – Please enquire O-Rings

X-Rings Quad-Ring / X-Ring NBR 70Sh FPM 70Sh EPDM 70Sh  – -20 to +100 -20 to +200 -50 to +130

BUR BUR NBR 90Sh ≤400 -20 to +100

Cord-Ring NBR 70Sh FPM 70Sh VMQ 60Sh EPDM 70Sh -20 to +100 -20 to +200 -60 to +180 -50 to +130

Encapsulada FPM + FEP VMQ + FEP -20 to +205 -60 to +180

Metal Buna NBR / FPM STEEL STAINLESS STEEL ≤1000 -20 to +100 -20 to +200