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Special Manufacturing

Specially manufactured parts, tailored to your needs

At JIOrings we also make specially manufactured parts, parts which are made to measure following plans and/or samples in small or large runs, in rubber/elastomers. Standardised mixes for water, gas, flame, food, etc. Parts which have certain properties such as hardness, smoothness, elasticity, resistance to the most challenging situations, whatever the temperature or climate.

We choose rubber as the material of manufacture because there are many advantages. It is a very practical material which adapts to movement, tolerances, hardness or temperature changes. It is an electrical insulator, conductor or anti-static. It is resistant to fire, chemical agents, and to oils. It resists fire and can be self-extinguishing, among many other things.

A word about our specially fabricated parts with elastomers, we also have complete data with its properties, its standardisations, as well as its surface treatments. We also inform you of our gaskets, which we manufacture in different materials, namely rubber, compressed carbon, and graphite.

If you want to find out more, all the information about our specially fabricated parts can be found below. We remind you that from this very page, at any moment, you can ask for a budget.

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