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Plugs for barrels

JIOrings silicone plugs, now called Nortap™

JIOrings developed a range of silicone plugs for wooden barrels: Nortap™, plugs from de North.

With more than 12 years of experience in designing and manufacturing rubber parts, we managed to obtain a smooth quality at a very competitive price. A perfect fit with the different diameters of the most used mouths, a top-quality material and compliance with the FDA standard makes us the ideal distributor of silicone plugs.

One of the advantages of Nortap™ silicone plugs is that they are manufactured in 100% food-grade silicone, which is organoleptically neutral, or which in other words is odorless and tasteless. Moreover, the hardness and shape of the plugs ensures the barrel is perfectly sealed.

These silicone plugs last for years, unlike wooden plugs, which need to be replaced each time a wine is decanted. Moreover, the modern design of these plugs does not clash with the great traditions of the winemaking sector, which anyone who uses them will testify to.

Furthermore, we guarantee almost immediate availability with safe stocks and schedules.

We have provided both the technical data and the migration test sheets for you to take a look at below, in addition to further information should you need it. You may also request a sample with no commitment to enable you to see our silicone plugs first-hand.

Access our online store to purchase Nortap™ plugs or request an estimate with no commitment whatsoever.

Nortap™ silicone plugs, product details

Plug typeMeasure mmCheck stock
Flange Plugs 47S42,50×50,70×31
Flange Plugs 50L44x54x39
Flange Plugs 45L45x48x30
Flange Plugs 50S46,23x52x33
Conical Plugs XS38X48X48
Conical Plugs S45X55X48
Conical Plugs M46x58x48
Conical Plugs L47x56x50
Emptying Conical Plugs46x58x48
Racking Plugs33x38x35

*Measure mm = bottom Ø x top Ø x height

The caps will be invoiced and sent from JIOrings.