Rotary Shaft Seals

Rotary Shaft Seals, the perfect seals for withstanding the most adverse conditions

A Rotary Shaft seal is an excellent rotating seal for applications involving high temperatures, speeds and pressures, both in relation to liquids and corrosive gases. Rotary Shaft seals are used frequently in the mechanical engineering and chemical industries: centrifuges, pumps, mixers, compressors and gearboxes, for example. Another of its advantages is that it works well in cases of poor lubrication or dry conditions.

Rotary Shaft seals are composed of an SS304 or SS316 stainless steel housing and a white PTFE FDA or a black PTFE/ Fiberglass / MoS2 lip. They also feature a fluoroelastomer reinforcement. Due to all these characteristics, rotary shaft seals work well in cases of poor lubrication or dry conditions.

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Rotary Shaft Seals, product details

Type Profile Material Pressure
Check stock
CB CB NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30
CB CB FPM ≤0,50 -20 to +200 ≤30
Whithout spring
CB sin muelle NBR -20 to +100 ≤30
CC CC NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30
CC CC FPM ≤0,50 -20 to +200 ≤30
BB BB NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30
BC BC NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30
DB DB NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30
DC DC NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30


≤25 -90 to +250 ≤45
For pressure
PC para Presión NBR ≤10 -20 to +100 ≤30
For pressure
PC para Presión FPM ≤10 -20 to +200 ≤30

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