Rotary Seals

Rotary seals, the best mobile connection between mobile elements

Rotary seals are used for rotating components, that is to say, then a mobile connection is needed between elements which are mobile. The purpose of rotary seals is twofold, on the one hand they prevent lubricating fluid from escaping, and on the other hand they prevent water, dust, or mud entering. This type of seal is operative in a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

You have all the information that you will need below about rotary seals, (CB with spring, CB without spring, CC, BB, BC, DB, DC, PC for pressure, HP, VA, VS…), including their type, profile, the material in which they are manufactured, as well as the pressure, temperatures, and speeds which they can withstand.

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Rotary seals, main range

Type Profile Material Pressure [Bars] Temperature [ºC] Speed [m/s] Check stock
CB CB NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30
CB CB FPM ≤0,50 -20 to +200 ≤30
Without spring
CB sin muelle NBR  – -20 to +100 ≤30
CC CC NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30
CC CC FPM ≤0,50 -20 to +200 ≤30
BB BB NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30
BC BC NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30
DB DB NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30
DC  DC NBR ≤0,50 -20 to +100 ≤30
For pressure
PC para Presión NBR ≤10 -20 to +100 ≤30
For pressure
PC para Presión FPM ≤10 -20 to +200 ≤30
≤25 Bars -90 to +250 ≤45
V-Rings VA VA NBR -20 to +100 ≤10
V-Rings VA VA FPM -20 to  +200 ≤10
V-Rings VS VS NBR -20 to +100 ≤10
V-Rings VS VS FPM -20 to +200 ≤10
V-Rings VL VL NBR -20 to  +100 ≤10
V-Rings VL VL FPM -20 to +200 ≤10
TVK Junta Rotatica TVK NBR ≤0,50 Bars -20 to +100
SS Spring Muelle INOX SS AISI 302