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Hygienic Seals

Hygienic seals, ideal for maintaining products in the optimal way

Hygienic seals or aseptic seals are mainly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. AT JIOrings we stock hygienic seals in different materials and/or compositions (EPDM, NBR, VMQ, FPM, EPDM Peroxide…) as well as in different colors.

Among them are winged clamp seals and D-Ring seals, some of the most asked after aseptic seals. Winged clamp seals, whose wing stops the seal from falling off when it is opened, and D-rings, available in different colors.

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Hygienic seals, main range

SealProfileMaterialColorsCheck stock
Clamp SealsClamp ANBR
EPDM Peroxide
Black, red, white, translucent
D-Ring SealsD-Ring perfilNBR
EPDM Peroxide
Black, blue, translucent