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Hydraulic Spare Parts

Hydraulic Spare Parts, the best replacement parts for your machinery

Floating seals are made of one metallic part and two O-rings on the exterior part. They are made of chrome-moly iron, a very hard metal with high resistance levels to abrasion and corrosion.

JIOrings MOP Kits allow you to fix urgent maintenance problems on diggers, wheel loaders, dumper trucks, forklift trucks, bulldozers, hydraulic hammers, or any other type of machinery. We supply kits based on model number, cylinder number, the machine’s reference…

Hydraulic spare parts, main range

Type Profile Material Pressure Temperature Speed
Floating Seals Retén Espejo Special chrome molybdenum cast iron. It is an exceptionally hard material with superior wear and corrosion resistance properties. (The hardness of seat surface: HRC58-65) up to 0.3 MPa From -40º up to +200ºC according to O-rings material (by default, NBR withdraws -20 / +110ºC) Max. 3m/s with oil
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