Encapsulated O-rings, ideal in hostile environments

Encapsulated O-Rings consist of a seamless and uniform PTFE encapsulation which entirely encloses a VMQ-made or FPM-made core. They combine the resilience and sealing force of an elastomer with the chemical resistance of PTFE. This produces an elastomeric PTFE ring with high sealing capability.

Unlike traditional O-rings, encapsulated OR are resistant to solvents and are chemically inert (except for attack by alkaline metals, fluorine and some halogenated compounds at high temperatures). In addition, they have a great resiliency substantially equal to those of elastomers and FEP has a very low friction coefficient. Last but not least, their gas permeability is very low.

This is why we highly recommend their use in chemically hostile environments.

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Encapsulated O-rings, seals details

Encapsulated O-Rings Material Temperature [ºC] Check stock
Encapsulated O-Ring FPM + FEP -20 to +205
Encapsulated O-Ring EPDM Peroxide + FEP -30 to +130
Encapsulated O-Ring VMQ + FEP -60 to +180
Junta tórica encapsulada blanca VMQ + FEP -60 to +180