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Clamp Seals

Clamp seals, a secure connection


Clamp seals are aseptic circular seals which are used to seal liquids tightly when connecting pipes with flange ends. They are mainly used in food industries when it is of paramount importance to conserve hygienic and aseptic conditions, such as in milk transportation pipes.

The most widespread standards that define the form, dimensions, tolerance and assembly are the following: DIN 32676, ISO 2852, DIN 11851. All clamp seals from JIOrings are homologized by the FDA-approved and some are also approved for pharmaceutical use and/or for drinking water (USP VI, ACS, KTW, WRAS…).

They are easy to manipulate and they are highly efficient. Clamp seals guarantee a fast and secure pipe connection in continually operated equipments. Besides, they are easy to disassemble (ideal for flange connections that must be opened fairly frequently) and they stand out for their especially easy installation.

Clamps seals offer a wide range of applications for sealing pipe connections for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. As for the materials, JIOrings offers a large stock of winged clamp seals available in different materials such as EPDM, NBR, VMQ, FPM, CR, EPDM peroxide and PTFE. Check directly the stock in our online shop or get in touch with us to ask for a quote.

Clamp seals, technical data sheet

CLAMP Seal Type AMaterialColorCheck stock
Junta Clamp con perfilEPDM, NBR, VMQ, FPM, CR, Peroxyde-cured EPDM, PTFEBlack, grey, white, blue, red, translucent, green