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Washers on their way to our online store

Apr 12, 2019 Category: Washers

Check and buy your washers in real time

Until now, washers were only available on request but, for a little while, you can find them out on our online store. Thus, you are now allowed to purchase them directly from the store.

We would like to recall that JIOrings offers a washers output service WITHOUT any tooling cost or minimum order quantity.

Square or rectangular-section washers provide a greater sealing surface than O-Rings and can bear higher pressures and loads. Plus, they have narrow tolerances and a smooth surface and edges finishing.

Do no wait, check our real-time stock of washers on our online store.

Availability of materials for washers

MaterialHardness SH AColour
BUTYL®50-90Black, Blue
CR40-90Black, Grey, Green, Red, Yellow, White
EPDM40-90Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Brown, Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow, White, Beige
FPM60-90Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Brown, Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow, White, Beige
FVMQ40-90Black, Blue, Red, White
HNBR50-90Black, Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Yellow
NBR40-90Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Brown, Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow, White, Beige
NR40-90Black, Red
PU50-90Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Blanc, Translucent
VMQ30-90Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Brown, Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow, White, Beige, Translucent