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V-Rings, versatile seals for high sealing and steadiness

Jun 13, 2016 Category: Products

V-Rings or V-Seals are one of our 5 stars products

At JIOrings, we offer a wide range of seals as one of our competitive advantages: more than 20 million parts which are different one of the other because of their shape. their material, their colour or their hardness. And If the O-Ring is the most remarkable, we also provide our clients with some other 5 stars products at the best price. In this post, it comes to V-Rings – or V-Seals – to be honoured.

The V-Ring is an elastomeric seal used for the sealing of rotary shafts without pressure. It is commonly fitted to ensure sealing against dust, mud, water, oil and other fluids. And how does it achieve that? Well, dynamic sealing results from the flexible lip to be slightly put up against a stationary counter-face, perpendicular to the shaft.

Thanks to its inherent tension, the rubber body is held in position, rotates with the shaft and enables the lip to be always in contact with the counter-face. During the V-ring rotation, the centrifugal force projects droplets or particles away from the system, thus preventing its penetration onto the surface to be protected.

All this makes the V-Ring a seal to be used in plenty of applications such as machine tools, appliances, electric motors, agricultural machines, plugs, pumps, mining machinery, cars…

Among the V-Rings range, we stock the VA model (the most used compact-designed seal on the market), the VS model (with a larger axial size, it provides a better adherence to the shaft due to its inclined shape) and also the VL one (similar to VA but with reduced sizes that make it perfect for applications with little space). We offer two standard materials: black NBR60 (IBNB01959-132001) and brown FPM60 (OZKF11163-132001). On request, we can supply VE and VAX models.

To sum up, here are below the advantages of the V-Seals:

  • Low cost.
  • Excellent wear characteristics and extended seal life, due to its frictional losses and heat to be kept to a minimum.
  • Its use and installation are easy and quick.
  • A single V-Ring can be used for various shaft diameters.

And the goods news is that all these advantages are available right now, at JIOrings. Should you require a quick quotation or to place an order with us, please log in to our e-shop. JIOrings is the fastest way to find a seal, that is the reason why we ship the same day any order placed before 1.30pm. And last but not least, we will do it through a reliable, fast and cost-effective carrier. What else can you ask for?

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