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U-Rings and their many uses

Apr 08, 2016 Category: Products

U-Rings or lip seals, a guaranteed range of uses

While it is a fact that O-Rings are the universal seals par excellence, used in practically all sectors of industry and other less common areas such as the jewellery sector, as we have mentioned in previous posts.

However, this does not mean these are the only seals on the market, as there is a wide variety of the same, including a type of seal which stands out from the rest: the U-Ring or lip seal.

So what makes U-Rings so special? The answer is simple: its versatility.

The perfect symmetry of the U-Ring results in a highly efficient seal and ensures excellent tightness due to the self-compression of the lips during the assembly process and the effect of opening the lips due to the pressure applied. The UN U-Ring (also known as a symmetrical or equal lip U-ring) can be assembled on both rods and pistons, and, furthermore, can be used with both single and double effect cylinders. On the other hand, D2 and D3 U-Rings can only be used on rods due to the fact the outer lip is higher than the inner lip. The PUL95 to UN and PUL93 to D2 and D3 mixes guarantee a high-performance polyurethane for all hydraulic and/or pneumatic uses.


In addition to all of the above, the product is low cost, easy to assemble and disassemble, and is highly resistant to wear and tear, so it is no surprise the U-ring is the multiuse seal par excellence. Manufactured mostly in L-93 polyurethane, a high-performance thermoplastic, U-Rings provide excellent resistance to abrasion, friction and wear, in addition to low permanent deformation.

JIOrings possesses the biggest range of UN sizes on the market, with around 1,200 standard sizes both in metric format and inches, which enables us to meet the needs of the market immediately without having to offer mechanised parts which are normally more expensive. Moreover, we market a special 4-gripper case for assembling U-Rings.

We should remind you that whenever you need to make an order for U-rings, we guarantee delivery within 24 hours if you are based in the Iberian Peninsula. We are the quickest way of finding a seal, and in the case of U-Rings, the range of uses is more than guaranteed.