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Two compounds with our own official approval

Feb 29, 2016 Category: Products

JIOrings sets out to ensure the ongoing improvements of its products, the basis of our business, as well as of its services and the way the client is treated. To meet the current requirements, we have to be capable of verifying the quality and reliability of our materials, from raw materials to the final product delivered to the Client.

With this in mind, we have achieved two own official approvals for two types of silicone:

In this official approval procedure, we relied on Centro Tecnológico Riojano which, after carrying out the test in accordance with the standards in force, granted us both official approvals.

Nowadays, at JIOrings we are inn process of approval:

  • OZ75201F-000017 – Black FDA FPM75 (Viton®) (extruded profiles).
  • JA7206F-000017 – Red FDA VMQ70 (extruded profiles).

At present we have more than 600 compounds available, many of them officially approved by our suppliers at certified laboratories or compliant with the more common international standards. As we are unable to thoroughly detail all of these compounds, below we have set out a representative sample of the most highly rated ones.

Further information: Official approvals

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