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This is how JIOrings, much more than an O-Ring Store, started

Nov 15, 2015 Category: Sin categoría
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Our company stems from the determination of three friends: Jean Albert, Iñigo and Oscar, to give free rein to their ideas and to things their own way.

We’re the quickest way to find a seal: That is, an O-Ring, a Quad-Ring, Cord-Ring, V-Rings, U-Ring… This is because of our stock is one of the largest on the Iberian Peninsula, and because of our effectiveness, with guaranteed 24-hour delivery. But, we won’t lie, getting here wasn’t easy. It almost never is. The road that led us here is littered with the many sleepless hours and tons of effort we put in. Uncertainty, sharp and harrowing, was a constant companion on this road.

And now, on looking back, we find only good things sticking around, and we believe it was worth it. And we know that, even as we say this, the road isn’t over yet.

We still have a long way to go, all while offering our clients just what they need (the best O-Rings, for instance) in the shortest possible time.

But we have walked a good chunk of this road, and we want to share it with you, so you know us a little better.

JIOrings was founded in 2004, stemming from the determination of three friends to make a project come true, and to things their own way. The friends were Jean Albert, Iñigo and Oscar, from whose names the company’s name comes from (their initials), and O-rings. In the beginning, they had the help of Hidro Rubber Ibérica, S.A., from the Tecno-Invest group, which bought a 51% stake in the partnership.

The first two years, the three partners did a bit of everything on their own: sales, purchasing, warehousing and management. In 2006 they hired their first employee, Fernando, who would oversee the warehouse, and since then, a new member has been hired practically every year, until the current figure of twelve.

The year 2011 saw the highest growth for JIOrings. And in 2013, we unleashed our supportive spirit, one of the identifying traits of JIOrings, by supporting Born to Learn, Conenteo Haiztak Chess Club, Galdakao Boleibol Taldea, and our biker lsaak Rosillo. Before that, we had supported the AFIM foundation.

In that same year, arguably the single most important event since our inception happened: JIOrings and Hidro Rubber Ibérica split up. We founded JIOHOLDING, S.L., and bought a 51% stake on it, to make future cooperation possible.

In 2014, we decided to change our “look”. New corporate image (logo, website, office equipment, etc.) so we could attend “groomed” to our tenth anniversary celebration. Here you can see a few pictures of the party, and of the people of our small family. In 2014, we also made heavy investment in internationalization.

And on 2015 we have, for the first time ever, a Commercial in the north zone (up until then we had only tried on Catalonia and Andalucía), and we have been taking digital marketing and communications very seriously, which allows you to read this post right now.

We hope this has helped you get to know us a little better and that we can meet, and even work together in the near future.

Oh, and also check this video we made for our tenth anniversary, where our trajectory is very well described.

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