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The X-Ring or the clover seal

Nov 20, 2015 Category: Products

The difference from the O-ring with its four lips or support points making its performance improve slightly.

The queen of static seals is the O-ring, undoubtedly the most universal seal, used in virtually all industrial sectors and even in others as surprising as jewellery (here as an ornamental element). However, we are going to dedicate this post to its “sister”, the quad-ring, also known as the X-ring or clover seal, a four-leaf clover.

It is these four sheets, these four flexible support points, the major difference from the O-ring and also its main advantage as thanks to them the quad-ring improves its performance slightly. For example, it affords greater pressure resistance and a reduction in friction and less wear and tear. It doesn’t matter what the direction of the force is, radial or axial, its sealing is guaranteed.

This all makes X-rings ideal in any application – alternative, rotary or static – in which there is a fluid with pressure, both for single and dual effect. In other words, almost all hydraulic or pneumatic applications. In our catalogue you will find all the technical information you require. And if you have any queries or need any explanation or advice, please feel free to get in touch with us.

As regards one of its names, clover seal, and as a curious fact: did you know that it is estimated that in nature there are around 10,000 three-leaf clovers for each four-leaf one? If you find a four-leaf clover, you should know that you have a little gem: legend has it that whoever wears one will be accompanied by good luck. The other three leaves represent the other components of happiness: health, lover and prosperity. Here at JIOrings we think that if you’ve no four-leaf clovers, quad-rings or x-rings are just as good.

If you wish to place an order, we guarantee 24-hour delivery if you are in the Iberian peninsula. We are the quickest way to find a seal. And if this seal is a quad-ring, we hope to bring you lots of luck.

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