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The power of images

Aug 03, 2016 Category: Products
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Because a (good) image is worth more than a thousand words

The aim of all the activities we have been conducting in recent months is to enhance the image of JIOrings. We are conducting content generation activities to disclose the benefits of our seals, positioning initiatives to enable potential customers to find our seals and loyalty initiatives to ensure our customers continue to purchase from us, among others.

Our most recent contribution to the continuous improvement of JIOrings was to improve the online image conveyed by our seals. We have updated all the photos of the seals in the main range, creating 3D images of each part and of the profile of each one, as well as a video illustrating the part. In addition to improving the presentation of the product data sheet, adding relevant information such as certifications, links to the catalogue…

We are the sellers, but our customers purchase without seeing the product, paradoxes of both life and the day-to-day of all e-commerce entities. At first this may seem like a “disadvantage” when compared with traditional stores, however, we at JIOrings have been able to overcome this potential shortcoming with the new design of the seals.

We have striven for a careful and professional product image which will help us to boost our sales; an image which will provide our customers with a sense of trust and safety; an image which will clarify any technical doubts with regard to whether or not this is the right purchase, and we believe we have achieved that. What´s your opinion? Have a look at the new product data sheets:

Rotary Shaft Seals
RB Gamma Seals