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Axial Seals, the perfect link between speed and simplicity

Jun 02, 2016 Category: Products

RB Axial Seals, also known as Gamma Seals or Gamma Rings: use and advantages/benefits

At JIOrings, we know a lot about seals, and little by little (post after post), we have been spelling out all the relevant information on the wide range of seals and sealing products we have in our stock. For certain specific conditions of use, sealing products with a good resistance to high speed rotation are required and other types of seal no longer perform well. Sealing solutions with such specifications should be complex to manufacture and difficult to locate… However nothing could be further from the truth! It is now common knowledge that we are the quickest way to find a seal, and therefore have the seal type designed specifically for these circumstances: the RB Axial Seals or Gamma Rings.

We recommend the use of RB axial seals for applications in which avoiding water entry (or any other contaminants) is critical, such as in heavy equipments for earth moving in mining and construction work, or in marine environment. The most common use of these axial seals is for applications such as industrial gearboxes, water pump, power transmission systems, building site machinery, electric motors and rotary shafts amongst many others.

Axial seals are specifically designed to be perpendicularly fixed to the shaft at a predetermined distance from the stationary counter-face. During the rotation, the lip sticks against the counter-face under a calculated pressure that enables the perfect sealing. Furthermore, we must stress the deflector role of axial seals, taking advantage of the centrifugal force in order to improve the required sealing effect.

RB and RB9 axial seals – as well known as Gamma Rings or Gamma Seals – combine the ability of mechanical seals to work at high speed and the simplicity of oil seals.

Its shape is quite simple: a carbon-steel chromate or zinc treated metal case and a sealing lip in NBR or FKM. The metal case acts as a protector of the sealing element and is an efficient deflector as well: thus, the metal shell contributes to remove any pollution media thanks to the centrifugal force, allowing an effective drainage after immersion in liquids. Components are not bonded together as the rubber part is stretched and held in the housing thanks to its elasticity.

To summarize, we can state that the main benefits of RB axial rings (also internationally known as Gamma seals), are as follows:

  • Ease of assembly, as their installation is very simple.
  • Reduction of friction when the rotational speed increases.
  • The rotary motion of gamma ring/seals, acts both as a seal and a deflector or protector, preventing any entering of external material or liquid.
  • They provide a very good seal, reinforced through the action of the centrifugal force. They offer a high degree of sealing effect against contamination from grease, dirt, dust and/or water.
  • Maintenance and repairs are reduced to a minimum, and when necessary their cost is low.
  • They combine well with cassette seals.
  • The outer ring or metal casing protects the elastomer sealing lip.
  • Also bearing in mind that RB axial seals can be fitted in place of V-Ring, with the added benefit of the metal casing.

For more information on RB axial seals, please check our web page, where you can also submit a request for quotation. If you also want to place a purchase order or check availability, our user-friendly customer interface allows you 24/7 access to our online store.

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