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Now more and better cord-ring

Dec 22, 2016 Category: Products

Throughout the year, more and more customers have been requesting spools of silicone cord-ring and as at JIOrings we love to satisfy your desires, we have decided to take the plunge… and in a big way!

Not only do we now have a large stock of spools manufactured in Xiametre® of the prestigious Dow Corning brand, but we also have spools available in Viton® original, of another presigious brand, Chemours. And because we never leave things half-done, we have applied to the CTR for the approval of both materials for use with food.

Quality, price and availability! Once again, we are indisputably the fastest way to find a seal.

Trade name: Xiametre® (Dow Corning)
Colour: Red
Hardness: 70 SH A
Temperature range:  -55 to +200 °C

Trade name: Viton® (Chemours)
Colour: Black
Hardness: 75 SH A
Temperature range:  -18 to +220 °C

How to use cord-ring

By joining the ends of the extruded cord-ring, you obtain O-rings with different measurements from the standard sizes. The process is simple, you just have to cut the length of the desired circumference and glue the ends together, previously overlapped at 45º. The cord-ring is usually used in cases of static sealing, large flanges or container lids, among other applications.

The cord-ring can be glued cold or warm-vulcanized. O-rings glued cold must respect the thermal and chemical limits of the glue and the characteristics of the elastomer and are used exclusively in static applications. In contrast, vulcanized O-rings can be used in dynamic applications.

The advantages

The advantages of cord-ring make it a highly versatile option:

  • Cost savings, because there is no need to manufacture moulds to obtain the desired O-ring from the the cord.
  • There are no size limits for large diameters.
  • Tolerances can be more accurate than in moulded rings.
  • The rings obtained from the cord have no burrs.
  • Faster manufacturing.
  • Suitable for use with food, pharmaceutical and potable water.

The stock

Availability of Xiametre® Cord-Ring Spools

Spool (m)Thickness (mm)MaterialHardness SH AColorApprovals
501,78VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
502,50VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
502,62VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
503,00VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
503,53VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
504,00VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
504,50VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
255,00VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
255,33VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
256,00VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
257,00VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
258,00VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
259,00VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
2510,00VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
2512,00VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA
2515,00VMQ70Red (Xiametre®)FDA

Availability of Viton® Cord-Ring Spools

Spool (m)Thickness (mm)MaterialHardness SH AColorApprovals
252,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
252,50FPM75Black  (Viton®)FDA
252,62FPM75Black  (Viton®)FDA
103,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
104,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
104,50FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
105,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
105,33FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
106,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
107,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
108,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
109,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
1010,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
1011,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
1012,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
1013,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
1014,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA
1015,00FPM75Black (Viton®)FDA