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Metres and metres of cord ring in different thicknesses and tolerances

Feb 18, 2016 Category: Products
Hilo tórico - Cord ring

At the JIOrings’ warehouses we have metres and metres of cord ring.

When the universal joint by antonomasia (the O-ring) is not a feasible option, the cord ring may be our best alternative. In many cases in which there is a specific need for maintenance for which there is no standard O-ring, the famous “cut and paste” can get us out of tricky situations.

Here at JIOrings we have more than 50,000 metres of cord ring. It is an O-ring profile cut to the desired measurement and whose two ends stick together either by using cyanoacrylate (better known as Loctite®) which are hot vulcanised. The use of pasted O-rings is usually recommended solely for static applications; whilst vulcanised O-rings can also be assembled in dynamic applications.

From our warehouses we can supply cord ring in different standard materials and thicknesses:

  • Thickness: From 1.00 to 20.00
  • Tolerance (mm) NBR: ±0.20 to ±0.70
  • Tolerance (mm) FPM: -0.10 / +0,30 to -0.60 / +0.80
  • Tolerance (mm) EPDM: ±0.30 to ±0.90
  • Tolerance (mm) VMQ: ±0.30 to ±0.90

Although on demand we can make cord ring up to 100mm thick and by tenths (e.g. 6.10mm, 6.20mm, 6.30 mm etc.) for those for which the standard does not fit them.

Furthermore, we can’t think of a better time than the month of February with its famous carnavas for presenting this item of our stock: a kit for making O-rings of any diameter, from cord ring which contains different thickness of cord, cutting blade, accessories/support and adhesive. Its use is almost exclusively industrial and is related with maintenance but there are certainly many people involved in making their home-made costume using our cord ring KIT would be just right.

Remember if you need to make an order we guarantee you’ll receive it in 24 hours if you are in the Iberian Peninsula. We are the quickest way to find a seal and if there isn’t one, the cord ring you’ll need to make it.