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JIOrings, selling O-Rings and giving away solidarity

Dec 11, 2015 Category: Corporate Social Responsibility

We participate in the Babyloan project, which helps small entrepreneurs all over the world with zero-interest loans.

We deal in seals (O-Rings, Static Seals, Rotary Seals, Hygienic Seals, Axial Seals, etc.). You won’t find a quicker way to get them. That’s our business area. However, we believe that a company should have other things as well. What things you ask? We call them principles, or world vision and the commitment to try and improve it. And, in our “vision”, solidarity occupies a preeminent place.

That’s why we get involved several projects, in a totally unselfish way. One of them is Babyloan, the supportive loan. It consists in lending a small amount of money to a small entrepreneur in any part of the world, so they get a chance to implement their project. The borrower can be chosen by country, industry, type of business…

You can also choose how much to lend. And, once the project has recovered the investment, the money is reimbursed to the lender, who can choose between getting it back and lending it again to another small entrepreneur. In the last three years, we have been involved in nine projects (three per year), and every single one has achieved 100% recovery of the lent amount. We’ll tell you about a few of them:

When we decided to help Amna, she was 41, married and a mother of eight. All of them shared a three-bedroom house in the refugee camp in Jabalia, a Palestinian city located just a few kilometers north of Gaza. Her husband didn’t have a job, and the family’s only income came from a clothes-and-cosmetics store, which Amna herself ran. She was in bad need of help, like a micro-loan, to be able to buy more clothes and cosmetics from her suppliers in Gaza and Rafah, in order to generate more income. Her dream was to move to a bigger house, and to be able to afford proper education for her children.

Another married woman, Siv, was 40 and a mother of two. Her husband was a farmer, and she had been selling fruit in Cambodia for the last 20 years. But she needed money to buy more fruit to sell: Mangos, oranges, bananas and apples. Her goal was to improve her family’s living standards.

Kanninhesso was also married, 34 and had four children. She bought and sold Corn and Soy, goods in high demand in Benin (Africa), and often scarce, too. She needed the money to buy and sell more, in order to improve her children’s life standards. JIOrings has spear-headed this help project, and that makes us very proud.

Visit the Babyloan site and take a look at the projects. You’ll be amazed to see how much can be accomplished with so little.

Or contact us if you think we can help you with anything.

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