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Cord-ring spools, versatility and quality assured

Mar 26, 2018 Category: Products
Cord-Ring Spools

Cord-ring spools, the best choice

What is a cord-ring?

Cord-ring is an extruded profile of calibrated circular section that is manufactured in the most common O-ring thicknesses. At JIOrings, we have cord-ring spools in stock ranging from 1 mm to 30 mm in bull rope diameter, in different lengths (spools of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 metres). As if that were not enough, we also have the possibility of supplying spools with other technical characteristics upon request.

What is the cord-ring used for?

The cord-ring is an excellent solution for the static sealing of lids as it allows to build by seating the O-ring to the exact measurement required for each occasion.

Furthermore, O-rings can also be manufactured by hot vulcanization from the cord-ring. This makes it possible to manufacture virtually any O-ring dimension without the need to invest in an expensive mould for its manufacture. The O-ring made from a cord-ring represents a world of solutions with practically no restrictions. The cord-ring allows for from only one unit (in a multitude of materials, thicknesses and colours) the manufacture of the desired O-ring.

Cord-ring stock

We have a wide range of cord-ring spools. Only in stock, we have more than 1,650 spools:

• Black NBR70 (Perbunan® Arlanxeo)
• Green FPM70 (Viton® Chemours)
• Black FPM75 FDA-approved (Viton® Chemours)
• Translucent VMQ 60 FDA-approved (Xiametre® Dow Corning)
• Red VMQ 70 FDA-approved (Xiametre® Dow Corning)
• Black EPDM70 FDA-approved (Keltan® Arlanxeo) for drinking water
• Black EPDM70 (Keltan® Arlanxeo)
• White EPDM70 FDA-approved (Keltan® Arlanxeo)
• Black CR70 (Neoprene® Dupont)

Approvals of our spool ranges

Some of these spools have the certifications required by the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, among others, such as the FDA approval or their use for drinking water.

Advantages of buying at JIOrings

We have one of the widest ranges of cord-spools in stock in the peninsula but we can also manufacture intermediate measures in short or medium series with a short delivery time, in different materials derived from rubber, with high quality standards and that meet with the technical requirements that each customer demands.

We are experts in sealing, we have more than 32 million sealing gaskets: 30 million O-rings (standard, encapsulated, custom-made…), 1 million quad-rings, 225,000 back-up rings (BUR), 200,000 v-rings, 70,000 bonded seals, 40,000 rotary shaft seals, 40,000 hydraulic seals, 25,000 wiper seals, 6,000 axial seals

We supply all our seals with the highest level of quality, with an unbeatable customer service and fast and efficient delivery.