Which material is this? Do not panic, take out your pen!

The pen-shaped material detector allows the user to always have it at hand. It eases the detection of a seal material thanks to a simple manual mechanism*.

In order to guarantee its operation, we strongly recommend to use a new and clean seal and the hardness to be between 60 and 80 Shore A.

To check out the material of a seal, just position the pen, which holds a weight in its inside, on the section and drop the weight vertically. The seal must be placed on a stable and smooth surface. Be noticed that it is pretty much more difficult to take measures on narrow section seals (for example, 1mm) so that we recommend to achieve the operation several times. When the weight rebounds, it goes up back more or less depending on the material. The user must simply check the height of the rebound: from top to bottom, FPM (Fluorine-carbon), FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer), NBR (Nitrile-butadiene) or EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene).